Ok so you’re selling a few tees now, the boxes are piling up, you need a crib with a spare room dedicated to stock. Online sales are growing and stockists are finally becoming a little more interested.

Hooking up the homies and selling tees on the street is paying off, your prints are cooler then what the kids can get at General Pants Co, and they know it ;)

Time to test the waters runnin’ your own pop up store.

The gang was expanding, and we were stoked!

An opportunity came up in the Sunshine Coast to takeover an existing stockists shop for 3 days! Shit yeah, we were all about that…. This’ll be easy, we thought, how wrong we were.

Hot damn, we got to strip the whole shop, what an opportunity and a shit tonne of work. We built our own racks, display tables and counters. Jah bless, makin’ dope ass tees ain’t the only thing this kid is good at. Tfresh got a lil’ handy with tools didn’t he? This is what they really mean when it comes to ‘blood, sweat and beers’, Lord help me out now!

We got the job done as you can see in the pictures. 20 hours straight, flat chat, bit on type schedule. Wakin’ up first thing to get back down the shop and make sure that prod is lookin’ tight!

That was the store. --Back to that in a tic--. How the hell do you get peeps to come? We plugged the shit out of it on social media, sent out personal messages to as many peeps as we could and talked it up anywhere and everywhere. But would they come?


Was anyone going to come? Would anyone buy anything? What would people think? Oh dear, I was gaggin’ to crack a tin to calm the nerves, but it was only 9am, I must maintain some level of control??!

My main man Jonah @jonahlilley from Tassie was the first legend to pop in and pick up a tee! What a ledge, he’d been following FANG GANG on facebook and happened to be up on holidays, props to ya’ young blood! Yeeew!

After that it was game on! New and old customers were coming in, young and old, boys, girls the place filled out and we flat chat most the weekend, even packing down the shop on the Monday night we had international guests to Australia popping in to score a few tees before they flew out the next day.

Shit, what a weekend and what a fun time. We’ve since run another one and planning the third.

So keep an eye out and get out there gang. Nothing better than meeting the peeps who’ll be rockin’ the threads you created first hand!

Thanks and love to everyone who came out and supported FANG GANG! Can’t thank you enough and was rad to see you all and if I didn’t manage to have a beer with ya’, see ya’ next time! Yeeeeeeeeew!!! Peace out!





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  • Total awesomeness Timmi! I love to see all the hard work paying off :) Pop up shop in Byron soon?

    Lisa N on

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