Running an independent brand is rad as f%$k and also tough as shit trying to connect the dots the best you can. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Rockin’ an independent street wear brand ones gotta’ know what’s up.
So I wanted to do a shoot and address all the babes out there rocking FANG GANG and makin’ those threads look hawt.
So where does a brother start? We got the freshest streetwear out, check. Freshest surfwear? Whatever you wanna’ call it, of course we do. Cool shit? Check.
Photographer? Shit yeah we got the hooks there.
Number one kids, get a dope ass photographer…Do what you gotta’ do, rob, steal, bribe a photographer cos’ your iphone 6 ain’t going to cut it sorry. Create that story and appeal through your images.
Fang gang’s latest photographer is Lizz Pennings of the infamous Gypsy Stone.
This is how it all started…Kinda.
This all started last year when Gypsy Stone began stocking FANG GANG, if you haven’t heard of Gypsy Stone I’ll do my best to drag your head from out under that rock it’s been camped under… Gypsy Stone was created by Lizz Pennings. It’s kinda hard to put a title on that girl, I’ll try and list a few things she does but im sure ill miss some…First off a badass photographer, stylist, blogger, designer…. And she’s run a very successful boutique over the last few years working with and developing brands such as Spell and Arnheim to name a few… When she picked up FANG GANG she single handily made the FANG GANG tank the most popular item on the coast, a must have not only for dudes but now for babes.
She’s a wandering gypsy with a style that has roots heavily planted in street wear. Shit she from Western Sydney, she knows what’s up!
I asked Lizz Pennings of Gypsy Stone if she would do the next shoot. Giving her total control, she shot, styled and delivered. Lizz organised the one and only Denielle Tearle to turn out, and turn out she did.
I made sure the champagne on the damn campaign was chilled and no doubt we had asplendid afternoon which turned into the evening and so on. ;)
What you see now as you scroll down is one rad afternoon on the coast. Which coast? The coast with the most ofcourse! Now kick back relax and feel those good vibes pulsing through the screen. Jump into the FANG GANG online store and by a tee or tank that your partner can rock too or the lucky next person who finds themselves waking up at your place and needs a fresh Gang print to get them through the morning. Hot damn.
Did I cover everything….?;)

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  • Where is the Doon Doon Angels huh?

    jeff on
  • Killer!! So impressed with what your producing

    Benassi on

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